FCC Tribute Page - Feedback Requested

Hey everyone, I hope all of you are having a great day.

With only my Portfolio project left for my responsive certification, I have been recreating previous projects to showcase a better portfolio. Here is my new Tribute page. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated and implemented.

Looks good :slight_smile: Few suggestions.

  • Your logo link is broken. I would use github to host your image files.
  • Hovering on last album image doesn’t change cursor to pointer.

Cheers :clap:


I have had issues with the logo link and thought I had it solved by using dropbox, I will create a Github and try to use that site.

The last album doesn’t change to a pointer because I didn’t make it a link due to Spotify not having the album. Would it be beneficial to have it change to a pointer for consistency despite it not being a link?

Edit: Github is a bit overwhelming, hopefully the image now populates.

Yes image does work now.

It’s really up to you. You could even create a little toolbar that populates over on hover saying not avaliable on spotify.


Thanks for the confirmation and the tooltip is a great idea. I will implement that immediately.