FCC: Tribute Page Feedback

I’m newbie at web development and some feedback will really help me!
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Here my first webpage smile: https://codepen.io/EdSJS/full/XBXZdP

Congrats on completing this project, but there’s always place for improvement(s)!

From the developing point of view, it’s pretty good, you may want to check the responsiveness of it, because on mobile, it’s not so well. Work a little bit on the indentation of the HTML, pretty interesting that you used CSS Grid.

From the design point of view, it’s a little bit old-ish, kind of, the italic text, the end link and the colors just give me that feel. But that may be your intention and there’s no problem, it’s a personal preference.

I don’t know if I should anything else, have fun : )

Ty so much razvanel666!
I’ll try to fix responsiveness, indentation and test a better design.

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