FCC Tribute Page - looking for feedback

Hi guys! I just finished my first little project and would be very happy to see any constructive feedback. What do you think I could improve?

Here’s my tribute page


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Looks good on my phone.

i think a smaller paragraph font-size will do better. other than that it looks pretty amazing. i love the choice of the background color, and the image that you chose.

I agree with, magnoliafico, the background color fits nicely with the theme, but I would definitely go for a smaller font-size. Although playing around with it, I can see why you went with a bigger size, Open Sans looks much better in a larger size.

Thank you for your responses! After getting some rest I can see your point about the font. It looked pretty big especially on mobile, so I’ve made a few changes. :slight_smile:

I really love the font that use for this page. It matches well with the overall art style.

It looks really nice, I personally like how the photos and the background for the photos blend together in a nice fashion, also looks nice when sized down, good job on it.