FCC: Tribute Page(Redo)

I want my Certification Projects to look more better so I went on and did a Redo Pls feel free to tell me ur feedback!

Hey there, a few suggestions.

  • Don’t skip heading levels. You go from <h1> to <h6> to <h3>. The <h6> is not actually a heading of it’s own. If you want, you can put it in the <h1> and wrap a <span> around it (or something like that) to enable you to style it. But really, I think it should just be a <p> under the <h1>. Then change the <h3> to an <h2>.
  • The Lady Di image should have some alt text. I would try to describe her a little, such as the earrings she is wearing, her facial expression, the color of her eyes, even her haircut. Image you were a blind person. What would you want to know about her picture? But don’t just say “Image of Lady Di”.
  • I would put a max width on the timeline so the content doesn’t stretch too far. Perhaps something like 50em. And then center the list.
  • You have a “read here” link at the bottom. Your link text should describe what the link is pointing to, so you’ll want to reword that last sentence. And it is OK for an entire short sentence to be a link.
  • Your <footer> tag isn’t quite correct. You don’t actually have any content in it.
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Oh ok Thank I will do these when I have time!

Nice, I just feel that the timeline is a little boring and there is a lot of text there but it’s just an opinion.

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That’s actually part of the challenge, we are supposed to give description. Instead of boring para to describe Diana’s Legacy I choose points like recommended :sweat_smile:

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Ok, but you can style or animate or change the font a little bit

It looks good, but I think font size and style can be improved.

@mrohanrajput @sn236 Yeah I think I’ll do that after this week.

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