FCC UI suggestion - display hours completed

Since FCC is targeted to learners, some of which being beginners, it’d be nice if the course-completion section of the user profile included more metrics to keep us motivated.

One suggestion would be a hours completed to certificate, say 200 of 400 “half way there” etc.

Learning is tough, encouragement and whimsy is appreciated.

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First off, it is impossible to judge how much time someone has put in or not. Second, all the challenges are optional, and people vary on how much they do. Some do everything while others with previous experience jump straight to the projects. So I don’t think displaying hours completed/left is practical. Possibly completion percentages for all required projects would be nice.

You’re right, of course, but the hours are only suggested, so you could probably use the idea of % complete but map that to hours instead.

For example if you are 50% through a 4 hour unit, it would be reasonably easy to make it say ‘2 hours to go!’

That said, the core team have bigger fish to fry getting the new curriculum online :slight_smile:

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Hi @Stomper, You can track time spent on freecodecamp.com using Wakatime with a custom a rule,

Not quite like having your mum clapping and encourage you over the finish line, but still it gives you some lovely metrics to marvel at.

like this

with the chrome integration enabled of course.


I keep meaning to try out wakatime…