FCCamp begginer needs advice

Hello everyone, i have just completed the intro tutorial and was directed to freecodecamp youtube site. I was asked to subscribe and enable notifications. I have completed this step. Now what? I have no clue on which vids to watch. Also the " finish challenge" button is inop. Any ideas? The help is greatly apprciated.

What do you mean? Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Once you have the screenshot, you can drag the file into your reply right here on the forum and it will display.

I think this means “the button is inoperative”.

I had some problems moving past the second or third lesson where the finish challenge button was also inoperable. As I recall, it required me logging out (I use GitHub for logins and it’s a good idea just to link the two sites), logging back in, and working my way from the beginning (hey, more practice!).

From what I remember, it permitted me to pass after that point. I use Safari.

If this doesn’t address your issue, please fill in more details about the problem and what page/challenge you are on.

Yeah, but is the button visually disabled, or just not responding? Does it give an error? Does it look like it’s loading, but not doing anything? “This button isn’t working” can mean a lot of things.

I agree. More information (screenshot) is needed.

Ill try to get a screenshot up. Im taking the begginer course on a ph.

You’re off to a great start. Here are 2 more tools that will help you succeed.

We publish new coding videos on YouTube every day.

Click the button below to open our YouTube channel. Then click the red subscribe button. Then click the bell that appears. Check the box in the message that pops up, then click save.
Open link in new tab (this unlocks the next step)
(1 / 1 Finish challenge

Note: the finish challenge box seems to be dull. When clicked it does nothing. Only the link to youtube works. Takes me to fcc site to subscribe and enabke alerts as my additional two tools to help learn code. The finish challenge is at the bottom.

Have you attempted logging out completely and logging-in, and re-completing the challenges up to that point? I understand this may take some time.

Hello D, it seemed to work. I was directed to facebook…ugh
Pls see my recent topic in general forum

" where is the begginer tutorial"

As you can see I am at the point of having to watch videos, join a group, donate etc…is there no additional intruction from here on out? I have no idea what vids to watch. I attempted a " learn javascript" vid and was drowning in the green behind my ears… lol
Any thoughts if there is additional begginer instruction? Thank you for your efforts.

The last challenge i completed was " change the color of text"
Next i am supposed to watch videos. I have no clue as to which ones in what order. Pls see my latest topic under general forum

I figured this out finally. Its not clear at all one can skip the videos and group join and proceed. Btw, begginers, its possibble to click the challeges in the map page you have already completed for a refresh if need be. Thank eveyone for all of the input in this post and prev topic. Thank you

Also, when logged into FreeCodeCamp.org, you can always go to your profile by clicking your image in the top right hand corner and see all the challenges you have completed successfully with the code you used to pass the challenges.

Thank you. Yes i see that now i can skip the vids and continue. If it were me i would position the vids and code group options farther down the course. Its very confusing not knowing if vid watching is and group activity is required to continue with the beigginer course. Maybe im wrong thinking this way but after learning to change text " color" i would be hard pressed to add anything to a group code discussion. Lol

I’ve found it helpful to use the “Map” link in the top, right-hand portion of the challenge pages to access any that I want to view, but have already completed. It’s also good for refreshing on topics covered previously.