FEAR OF (REAL) FEEDBACK and a resolution

Dear All,

I’m afraid of real feedback. I need it though. Vague positive reactions like ‘it’s really cool’ feel good but what am I to do with them? And what is good feedback? The kind of feedback that makes me see what problems should be solved and how to go about it?

To tackle this problem I am making a resolution. Starting today I will spend 30 minutes every day writing some feedback on a submitted project on the FCC forum for at least a year.

Here’s why: Giving feedback on your projects will teach me how to give feedback. That may help me to deal with my fear of feedback and when I have acquired that skill I will know how to ask for good feedback.

I’ve been wanting to post this resolution for some time but I feel like such a prat doing it. On the other hand, if I don’t I will not go through with it. I will shy away and find lots and lots of reasons why I shouldn’t do this.

So, here’s my resolution. I will :

– Spend half an hour every day writing feedback on submitted projects on the forum of FCC.
– Look at people’s code and not just their color scheme.
– I will be spending a maximum of two hours on each project I comment on.

I will do this for a minimum of 365 days.



This sounds great, mientje. I’ll be looking for you. I learned a lot by giving feedback on projects, too. One reason was just seeing other people’s projects and code. It helped me feel like I was on track with people at the same level project.

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Exactly. This is exactly what I want to say.

Hello Mientje,

If you feel yourself able to judge the work of someone else by giving feedback, why are you afraid that someone do the same for your ?

But maybe I misunderstood your point :slight_smile:

Why don’t work on your personal project 30 min by day and ask for feedback ? nor bad or good just feedback :slight_smile:

I know, it’s twisted and I don’t really understand it.
Fear can be irrational. Some people are afraid of pigeons. I have not just been coding and for years I have been squeaking ‘I want good feedback! I want good feedback!’ on totally different things. It has not worked for me at all. If I look at the same issue from another perspective, another point of view, maybe I can get unstuck.
Good feedback is not easy to give. I once made a large website with exercises for people who want to learn Dutch. I got four comments.

  1. It’s really cool.
  2. Poor people don’t have laptops and will not have access to these exercises.
  3. There’s a spelling mistake in the title
  4. Someone out there gave a ‘positive reaction’ someone told me.

You know what I can do with that? Absolutely nothing. It does not help me improve, gain insight into strengths and weaknesses at all. That being said, the truth hurts. Maybe I wasn’t very clear in what I wanted as feedback. Maybe all these people are very very old. I don’t know, I stopped caring.
And anyway, I hope to learn from other people’s code as well. Because I do love coding very much.


Try others glasses :nerd_face:

Even if it feels useless and not so positive or constructive, it’s only 4 people who gave their opinion on something :slight_smile: little sample for all the people who are on the web

Have a look at this thread : http://forum.freecodecamp.org/t/a-picture-book-written-in-c-code/386381

I mean, don’t wait that someone says you its cool, just do it and don’t be afraid to improve yourself by yourself first
Even if its cool sometimes, to have a friendly slap on the back :slight_smile:

If you want to learn on other’s people code, why don’t look on the code of a website you like or something like that ? When I have a look on “beginner” code I find mistakes…sometimes same as in mine, but I only dig crap mistakes in that kind of code

How do you want a beginner or someone who has 0 expertise in the field, who is learning as you or me or someone else, gives you other feedback than its cool or there is a typo here ? :slight_smile: