Fear of starting the FCC projects

Thank you @viecky for your kind reply. :pray:

I will start writing notes while solving my problems.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You can share your project on the forum to ask for help. Many people do that, it’s a great way to improve your code by learning from others and they often give you good idea to improve your project.

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Thank you @JohnPA :pray:

I will post the link once I completed my tribute page project.

On the project page, the link for the sample project is given. Can I refer the code given on that codepen link? ( I will write my own code only, but just to check how they did it?)

Sure thing. Do check with provided code and try to write your own custom code.
If you have GitHub account then good and if not then make one.
And every time you start a project make it a git repo, host it in your github account along with your notes on that project.

Following this way you would have your code ready every time you need, you can share github repo with us in forums so it would be more more easy to debug your issue, and you will have some basic projects in your github repo it would increase your confidence.

Every time someone ask for help you can refer to your code also. Try it.


Thanks @viecky for your suggestion.

Yes, This will be a good way.

I think I got the answer for my another post too How to manage freeCodeCamp projects on GitHub?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Gald i could help you.

If you want to how to manage your repos, do check my github profile. So you will get the idea.
I read your another question, DON’t host all projects in one folder it’s kinda bad practice.

Refer to : https://github.com/vieckys

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Don’t worry about not having notes, if you don’t remember something go search for it, on the previous challenges, on the documentation, on google - the goal is not to remember everything, but to be able to find what you need to use
Here you can find the documentation on HTML and CSS:



Thanks for the great resource. Nice content.

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FCC’s real “learning” time is doing the projects. Don’t expect to memorize/remember everything all the challenges goes over. The only think you take away is what is available to you, so you can search up how to use it later. But like most things, you will need to use what you learn to gain the experience and knowledge.

You don’t learn anything by writing a line or two in a challenge, you learn by putting what you know together in a project. Odd’s are you probably forgot how todo most things, and that’s where knowing how to figure it out comes in. You could google it, look back at previous challenges, read external sources, or just straight up google the problem. Over time you will remember how to solve common issues, but only once you run into them over and over again, and figure them out over and over again.

Goodluck, keep building and don’t be scared of not knowing how to do something. As long as you keep at it, and are able to figure out a problem some what or how you can learn anything :smile:


Just start! … I encountered a fair amount of problems as I worked my way through these projects. Where ever you encounter a problem, look for the answer online or reach out to the community. There are lots of people on the forum willing to help out.

You can also have a look at https://mentors.codingcoach.io/ to find a mentor. All the best. :grinning:

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Thank you for help @bradtaniguchi

Curretly, I am taking notes of what is availale in CSS lessions. So that I can use it in my project.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Yes, I am agree with you @sdconsult. I am searching my problems online.

The @freeCodeCamp community is really helpful. This is the first community where I am talking that much freely.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You are having the exact problem that I had while going through the FCC curriculum. I got to the projects and felt so overwhelmed and under-taught that I stopped. I didn’t feel that FCC had taught me enough to be able to complete them. It also could have been how fast the curriculum went over the subject matter.

I am planning on coming back and completing them after I finish a couple of classes. The first class that I am going to suggest is hands down one of the best classes that I have ever taken. I am almost finished with it and now feel that I understand CSS enough to start tackling the projects.

This is the course and I got it for $11. Don’t pay more than that for it. If it is more expensive, create a Udemy account, put it in your cart and leave it. After a few days either the price will drop, or they will send you a discount. You have my word this will help you as it has helped me so much.


I haven’t taken this course, but it was suggested in an article that I read. I did a little of the JavaScript on FCC and felt even more lost then I was when I finished the Responsive Web Design curriculum. I have not taken this course, but it was suggested in an article. I followed the procedure I stated before and got it for $11 also.


I hope this helps you as it did me and my new approach to the FCC curriculum is to take Udemy courses to supplement my FCC curriculum that way I am not so frustrated and feeling like I want to quit. FCC is not going to stop me from becoming a developer!!

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Thanks for the help @geekysmurf :slightly_smiling_face:

I have came to lessons and started taking notes what things are available with me.So that I can use it in my projects.

Thanks for the course suggestions. Some of the udemy courses are available for free on Tutsgalaxy and FreeCourseSite.

I used to get them for free. Since they are mostly about $10-20 on Udemy I believe in paying for them. There is a cool tool called Udeler. Once you purchase a course on Udemy you can use this tool to download everything. The videos, the docs, and the videos all in one process. Check it out and I think that deserve to get paid, although I won’t do a course that is $50+. Everyone can afford $10-20 bucks for a course. Here is the tool.

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Yep, sure! I will have a look.

I just finished this course and it is probably the only CSS course that you will need. I can’t believe how much they covered!

I’ve restarted the challenges many times! I would recommend going over them again. Personally, I only code for about an hour a day because of real life priorities, and it took me no time at all.

Don’t hesitate when you reach the projects though. Tackle them with full force! I referenced past projects when I was going through the Responsive projects and it helped a lot. Everyone learns differently but it definitely helped me to see my learning come into practice by actually coding something. You can read and study something every day/ all day but putting it into practice and seeing it work is a whole different experience in my opinion.

Like a couple others have stated post your projects on here and ask for some feedback. I would love to see your thrive with coding and Id love to throw my 2 cents in whenever they’re wanted.

Good luck my friend! I can’t wait to see some of your projects!

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Hi @RadDevDad,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I am feeling the same, completing a challenge for that instance is easy, but using it in a project required full understanding.

I have completed first 2 projects, feedback post for the tribute page is Please give me feedback on my FCC: Tribute Page project, and link for the second project (not fully completed) is FCC: Survey Form.

Now I will start taking notes, so that I will remember what is available to use in a project.

Thanks again!

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