Feature Request: Jump to last task always

by the way it is very troublesome to start a test again (i need to it sometimes very often). It would be very helpful if, when loading the task page
(currently for me: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/back-end-development-and-apis/#basic-node-and-express)
you automatically go to the last task you working on.

I currently have the task:

“Get Route Parameters Input from the Client”

Creating a bookmark every time is impractical.

It should be easier to navigate to the last place you are working on.

that will be very great

I am not understanding your request. Can you describe in detail a scenario of such a feature?

to get to the last task. I have to take a lot of steps.

1 i need open

2 need scroll down

3 searching the text

“Chain Middleware to Create a Time Server” ( the first not completed task )

4 need click on the checkbox / radiobutton (maybe ists a radiobutton)

Hello there,

If I understand your request, we used to have this. However, the implementation ended up being too buggy. So, it was removed: fix(client): remove broken current challenge button by naomi-lgbt · Pull Request #44405 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

We are currently overhauling the api, and are hoping with that some of the previously dismissed/removed features will be added back again.

i think you dont understand.

i have no error.

every works.

but it’s cumbersome. it should automatically focus on the last task.