Feature that can make a Url suspicious

Dear all,

thank to be here to day and i hope you are doing well.

I am new in JavaScript and i have problem. I want to check some caractéristiques that can make URL suspicious. Particulary this one:

    • the first will be to check if the URL is a page that asks for a password or confidential information (bank account for example). I don’t Know if we need to check here the Login_form on the HTML code .
    • the second checked if the URL is an IP address and has more than 5 dots.
    • the third tests if the URL is too long.

Or if you know some feature that can help me , i will very happy.
The would help me to check if URL is phishing or legitime. I want to check this in this priority 132.

Good Day Kerafyrm02,
I hope you are doing well
Yes the first one can be take in the same domain.