Features Wordpress Core needs

I use Wordpress for over 10 years and my biggest problem are the CMS Detectors, I don’t want anybody to know wich cms is running on my Site, I think WP needs this features in core.

  1. Security Settings (on intallation random name for admin folder will be generated) everything that shows detectors that this is wp need to be changed.

  2. Buy the teams behing succeful Plugins like WPML and make it part of something called WP Pro so this WP will have features like Multilingual.

  3. Inside the Editor a setting to choose the Menu where this page will go.

  4. Every page need to be able to have its own Theme.

What you think and what are the feature you would like to have in WordPress?

I don’t necessarily care so much about detectors… it’s rather inconsequential. But, I understand why you don’t like that. And out of everything you mentioned, I would absolutely support the wp-admin directory being more random, and subsequently more secure via obfuscation. But, they’d need to rework how you access admin-ajax.php, as that’s housed in wp-admin.

I wholeheartedly disagree with #2, though. How do you choose what gets wrapped in to this “WP Pro”? And, what about competition? This would effectively kill it.

Right now I really only have two major wants out of WordPress Core, and one of them is a pipe dream:

  1. Native GraphQL integration. I think we’ll see this sooner than later, though.
  2. Some way of better managing bloat and tech debt. WP-based websites with any degree of complexity quickly become very, very heavy. Each plugin brings in its own dependencies, and even with caching and optimization plugins, you still end up with many independent asset files.

I think #2 could be handled via a better asset pipeline. If plugins then hooked into that pipeline with their dependencies and assets (JS and CSS files, for example), the pipeline could manage the consolidation and optimization of these static files.