FEDP Random Quote Generator

It fulfills the requirements, but I feel it may be overly simplistic. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ For that reason, any feedback is appreciated!

Hello! :grin:

Nice job on the design aspect. I find it very pleasing in the eye.
I notice one flaw though: the whole document’s height depends on the content (in certain screen sizes) (here’s what I am talking about). You can easily fix this by setting it the height of the html on the CSS to 100%.

Here’s the result for reference.

Happy coding! :coffee:

Love the look of it all. Nice work!

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Ah! Thanks for catching that @Foo_Dog! Fixed.

edit! While it fixed the issue on the desktop, I found that now the mobile version was acting wonky. Kept height:100%, like you suggested, but changed the element from html to body and that seems to have fixed the issue for desktop and mobile alike.

If you catch it looking wonky again, please let me know!