Feeback on Bootstrap Website

Hello Guys,

I’m new to the forum and would love some feedback on my website. I used a bootstrap and will continue working on it as time progresses. Question, how do I allow form data to go to my personal email? Finally, any suggestions for presentation on a mobile device?

URL: https://taronjamal.github.io/frontend/

Thanks again.

I like the design, very clean and the animations are nice, not too much. I haven’t looked on mobile but in the browser it seems responsive except for the home page which doesn’t resize. The menu is collapsed mobile-style even on large screens. Not sure if that’s intentional? I can’t decide if it looks good or strange though.

I’m not sure if you can use github hosting to send email. The only time I’ve built an actual working contact form was on a proper hosted site and I used a PHP file to catch the data and send it on to an email address.