Feeback Request: Markdown Previewer


I’ve completed the Markdown Previewer project which is part of the Frontend Development Libraries certification. Here are the live app and GitHub repo.

Please review and give me your feedback.

Great work!

Love that you sanitized the inputs before displaying, also think it is great that you have a readme on the github.

Some minor things feedback points I would give:

  • On small screens there can be horizontal overflow outside of the 80vw wide section, might be good to add a scroll in those cases
  • Heading structure could be improved, skips to h3. Also the markup being injected directly in the page makes page structure a little strange - might be a good use case for an iframe to isolate whats being previewed
  • Aim to get contrast of text to background to at least 4.5:1, you can scan for this in devtools under lighthouse > accessibility
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Thank you, @Lucasl, for your time and feedback.

I don’t quite understand the first sentence of your second bullet point. Please do you mean that I shouldn’t use h3 for the headings?

Yeah, if it’s the first heading on the page start with h1 and go down from there, in this case maybe add an h1 thats the title of the page then use two h2s for the two sections.

More info on heading organization:

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