Feed back for my tribute page please

So I’ve finished my first ever piece of code and here it is http://codepen.io/Betterman77/pen/JKNwNR personally I’m fairly sure there are ways things could have been coded neater so please don’t hold back.

Alright im not going to hold back :slight_smile:

First of all, the font is…not kind to the eyes (atleast not mine), I know that you just started coding and that this comes with experience, but the “first impression” is very important. Try playing around with different fonts! You have 3 different colors on your text, Red,Green and Black, in my experience it is better to stick with a maximum of 2 different colors in the text, otherwise it looks kinda childish.

I see that you were trying to be creative with the div that cointains the history and 4 images, I do not condone this but try to keep it as “smooth” as possible. Right now your div consists of text in the middle and pictures in the corners, how about making the text an unordered list as such:

  • Born Stephen Edwin King September 21st 1947
    to parents, Donald Edwin King and Nellie ruth.

  • Graduated from Maine university with a Batchelor
    of Arts degree in 1970 the same year his daughter
    Naomi was born.

  • In 1971 he married Tabitha and
    they are still married today.

And put the pictures in a grid, that way the reader does not have to look in different directions, because at the moment it just looks like a cluster of information. When creating a website you have to adhere to the readers i.e. how do YOU usually read a website, and that is in the form of a “Z”, you start at the top left and end at the bottom right. Have this in mind when you design the layout

Last but not least to make it easier to “separate” sections of the pages use divs and different colors that ease into one another.

Here is a website that i’m making (still in progress) that you can look to for inspiration, although it is in Swedish you can still learn from the layout.

Edit: It is not looked down upon to take inspiration from others! this is how you learn. I hope my critique is not to harsch and will help you a little!

Thank you for the advice and honesty, I think I’ll go back and re-work the entire page from scratch , I did struggle with a few things and maybe should have taken a little more time.

As with everything it comes with time and practice!
Redoing code is a good way to learn, in a few months you will look back at this and think "Wow, this code is horrible"
Don’t get stuck on it! keep going and make your portfolio next, you will learn more the deeper you get into the curriculum, and then you can go back and redo it!

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