Feedback, 4th Project - Technical documentation page

Hi Campers,

I have just finished my 4th responsive web design project.

As always, I would appreciate your feedback.

See the Pen FCC | Project 04 | Technical Documentation Page by Renzo (@rcnavarrop)

Just in case, the web content (text) was retrieved from and it is correctly cited below each section according to APA format.

TBT, that’s pretty awesome, the way you designed that layout.

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@rcnavarrop Nice! You put a lot of work into that I can tell because I just did the same project. The mobile transparent menu and hamburger button are a cool looking feature.

Make the link at the bottom of the page bigger. The link is hard to click on.

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Thank you @Rishabh7 =D

Thanks for the feedback @brandon_wallace !

I like how you used color, it made feel I could read and process the content of the page.
I tried the link and got and error page for linkedin. Might be something to look at.

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In mobile view, something has a fixed width, as there is a horizontal scroll bar. The horizontal scroll bar is the bane of everyone’s existence xd
but amazing mobile table of contents, reminds me of W3…

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Hi @jethro1!

Regarding the LinkedIn error, it is because, I am still updating some information to focus its content on my software development experience. Sooner I will make it public again. Thanks for your comment!.

Best regards,

Hi @1-1,

Thanks for you feedback!, I did not figure out such annoying behavior before. Now it is fixed =D.

Best regards!