Feedback: A app landing page

Heya , I’m looking for feedback on this page of mine:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks in advance


.body{ /*you forgot the . so it wasnt linked to your html */

.nav-links li a{ /*this is not how you link several elemnt id tags*/

/*animation itteration was misspeled */

//you need to use the DOM

nothingburger.addEventListener("click", () => {
}) //this just looks weird and it doesn't close off either

    <div id="Why"> 
dont name your diff tags like that it isn't proper named

</main> doesn't do anything

ok, thx for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok,so I tried some of your suggestions. .body, doesn’t apply to my code very well cause I don’t have that class. It should be just body if you just mean the whole body of the doc last I checked. animation-iteration wasn’t misspelt. I did use the DOM and it is closed off (I did those parts from a youtube tutorial). I did change the div to something more meaningful now. And isn’t </main> just the closing tag of the main tag that’s meant to help with accessibility?