Feedback about my calculator app

Hi campers,
Have a look at my calculator. I would very much like to know how it renders on your browser. Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated.
Calculator App

It renders not good and calculates the same way, I’m afraid

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it is calculating if user use operator continuously.

like if user do 5 * 7 + 1 then it is removing 5 and only giving 8.

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Thanks for the feedback. That’s a real bug. I will have to work on that button. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for the feedback. I actually coded the calculator to handle strictly two operands at a time e.g. 2+5, 3-7, 8! , 6 x 7 e.t.c. I didn’t look at operations such as 2 + 4 ÷ 4. I will definitely include them in the future.

You can now check the modified version. I hope it is much better now!