Feedback about my tribute page is welcome

Hello, my codepen is:

Its nice, but too static. The aim is to bring out your ingenuity and build something beautiful. You necessarily don’t have to follow the static FCC example. And also there was no detail on his birth, death etc

Anyway its so nice.

Hello Generalpun, thanks for your feedback. Have a nice day.

I suggest you analyze your code. For example, you wrote your code in html as:
<em><h2 class="text-center">Life hacks</h2></em>
This is incorrect and is not allowed, the <h2> element can not be a child of the <em> element. Re-organise your markup like this:
<h2 class="text-center"><em>Life hacks</em></h2>

On the code editor, there a down arrow on the top right. Click on it and select “analyze html”. You can do the same with css and javascript, too.

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A lot of thanks Narah!
Greetings from Mexico!

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