Feedback about portfolio page

Hi campers,

I am finding hard time choosing color theme for my portfolio. I have both dark and light theme. Which of the two should i really go with? I need one which looks more mature and professional. When you find something which can be improved upon please let me know. I have procrastinated enough. The links to both are below.

  1. With Dark theme
  2. With Light theme

Your portfolio page is so clean! excellent job :100:

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Personally, I prefer the Dark Theme but it is your choice, great portfolio by the way. :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I also prefer the dark theme over the light theme. Let me see what others think of it before i make the final decision.

I like the dark one as well. One option you might want to consider is to add a theme switcher.

Side note: I would increase the overall font size a bit.


Thanks @lasjorg for the feedback. I will definitely try out the theme switcher. Yeah i have just noticed the font size.

As you want the professional and mature look, You have that in both of the versions. But as for the visitor, the theme matters a lot as per the new trend the Dark theme suits your portfolio.

Over that You have made a great portfolio.

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Thanks @lucifer28 for taking time to look at it.

Hey, great platform site very simple and clean! I like the font and that dark theme is slick!
One thing I noticed was that the MongoDB font was not bottom aligned like the texts in the section.
Otherwise great work !
Good Luck out there.

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Thanks for the observation. I will try to work on it.

Great portofolio, maybe adjusting the form field color for the white theme would make a better contrast. And I personally prefer the dark theme.

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Hey, very nice portfolio, I think the dark theme is way more beautiful. Another thing that I would do if I were you was to increase the size of the font on the landing page, especially for bigger screens. Also, I think the size of the icons in the skills section could be a bit bigger too.

I would be glad if you could check my portfolio too : (

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Hi @ali-moussavi. Thanks for the feedback.
I think your portfolio is awesome. I like the animation and the color theme. On the flip side i am really not a fan of the text on navigation arrows on hover . But it is really a personal opinion. Good job.

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