Feedback and assistance needed on current project

Hi all, hope your all well, its been a while since I spent time reading through the posts on here, however I know have a query of my own again haha.

Sooo, I restarted the FCC curriculum, having a rejog of the old grey matter, I’d forgotten some bits from later on down the lessons and wasn’t feeling to confident.

Anyway I decided to embark on building the Landing page (already done tribute page and the form) as I worked, rather than leave it to the end and go waaa I cant recall that bit.

Anyway my wife saw what I was doing and asked if I could build a basic website for her ( Already has a Facebook business page but we wanted to cater for people who do not have FB).

So the landing page (start of) has now turned into a work in progress, I’m still waiting on design decisions from the Boss (my awesome wife) which is slow forthcoming to say the least.

So I hosted on GitHub for now, inhales…this is it:

The about section is doing my swede in, spent several hours going over the script, sure ive missed something tiny but its not autosizing to fit the content.

I looked at putting javascript into an overlay for when the submit button is clicked, which I think I managed, trialled it without the required form info to start with, however I get the pop up box saying email required but it still submits the form info.

Im not 100% sure on how to retrieve said form data, once it’s been submitted. Not touched php yet which I was told would be easiest way of doing it?

Finally any design input? Wanting to stick with the colour theme, my fav bits are the nav-bar, main logo/backdrop and the footer the rest is a bit meh but again waiting on input from the boss is errr slow haha.

Any input is appreciated, no matter how small.

Cheers all.

Edit: Codepen link

** Note **
(If this needs to be split into sections on html-css or javascript sub forums let me know ).**

Some work to do on responsive design too, noticed primarily the logo, isn’t responsive wheres as the BG is, same as the team images.

Probably a bit out of my league to publish a working website but glad to have made a start and I’m learning a lot from doing it so any practice is better than none haha.

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