Feedback appreciated for my personal portfolio. My first serious attempt at a website :)

Hi all, i would greatly appreciate some feedback on my personal portfolio page. Feel free to be brutal :slight_smile:

Please note, I hacked somebody elses sliding menu that i found on Codepen.



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Please note, I hacked somebody elses sliding menu that i found on Codepen.

Hacked? :stuck_out_tongue:

Few points:

  • The contact section is a little off-beat I think, since it is not quite readable
  • On full screen, I see a blank on the right side

Everything else looks good to me. Wonderful effort! Kudos! :smiley:


thanks for feedback,

could you elaborate on your points please?, I can read the contacts area and have no blank space on the right. I’m using chrome.

I used IE11. Maybe browser issues. :slight_smile:

ah that will be it, i had all sorts off problems getting ie to work. I gave up in the end.

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Ah Ok. Have u tried some IE workaround?

Maybe I will check your code and see if I can help since I use IE. :slight_smile:

I’ll have another go tonight too. I didn’t really think it was necessary for this exercise but seeing as so far 100% of my users is on IE I should probably do it :slight_smile:

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That’s cool! All the best!

That was pretty good :slight_smile:

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Thank you konstantinacode

This looks really cool. In your ‘Hire Me’ section, I would change the pointer when hovering over each of those disclosure links (“What can I offer?”, “What use is this to you?”, etc). This will make it more apparent that it should be clicked on.

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I feel like you should give more focus on your work. I know that talking about one’s self is boosting ego etc., but take a look, your work is almost at the bottom. :slight_smile:

Also, the potential client needs to know right from when the page is loaded that you’re the dev he/she’s looking for. You should show off your best right at the top there. That’s my opinion.

Best of luck, keep it going :slight_smile: !

Great idea, i will go look that one up. thanks


I do know what you mean, the work should be on show as you say. But, your portfolio page is also your sales page so communicating what you can do for the customer should be at the top IMO. A screen dump or iFrame on landing isn’t going to communicate that quite as well as text with skimmable headings. If they like what they read then they can look in the portfolio afterwards. thats how my limited experienced sees it anyway :slight_smile:

I sorted the pointer thing, really simple, 1 css class and 1 rule.

thanks for the suggestion.


Fixed the horrible IE layout issues :slight_smile:

i put the css through a prefixer and removed flex from .body in my css.


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That’s cool! Great job done! :slight_smile:

This is how it looks in IE 11. You can try making the background “dull” in order to make your contact form appear upfront. Also remove the line “I stole…” :slight_smile:

damn it grrr

thats an overflow issue accross all browsers when screen is narrow vertically…

i will sort that…

Sorted now i think.

I had to set the containers max-height manually, this was becasue IE didn’t like flexbox applied to the body on this occasion :frowning:

Appreciate your reviews so far :slight_smile:

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