Feedback appreciated on my tribute page to Margaret Hamilton

I’m still working a few things out (such as appearance at small screen sizes), but here is my tribute to Margaret Hamilton:

The page is pretty good, I like it, however a couple of things I’ve noticed.

For the background I would use a small image as mosaic to repeat it on the X and Y axis (that will avoid the charging effect of the image).

Try to increase the opacity of the boxes, it’s a bit hard to read with all the stars :stuck_out_tongue:.

And finally the last suggestion: Even though you’ve used bootstrap, your page isn’t responsive. You could stack the images one below the other for smaller screens.

Anyway those are just improvement suggestion. Your page looks great to me =)

Thanks for the feedback! I was struggling with getting the heights to work out with the responsive page, but I think I finally figured it out. :smiley: