Feedback appreciated! Technical Documentation page

Hey! New to coding and working on my first challenges! Any and all feedback is welcome (even the negative lol which is kind of what I’m looking for!).

It’s not very mobile friendly. Try testing it on a phone or change to a phone view in the desktop browser’s dev tools. The main content is sliding left and right, seems odd.

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There is some weird problem with the main element being way to large for the screen. No matter the size of the window, there is a scrollbar.

Also looking at your html code there are some problems. You aren’t using the element right on line 5. That should really be a heading element, while the nav itself should be in a element.

Edit: Looking further at your code, you are using header elements instead of heading elements throughout your code. This should be fixed.

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I found what one of the main problems is. When you escape the < and > symbols, you are adding a semicolon to the end. You shouldn’t be doing this. This, for someone reason, is causing the weird issues with you main text. If you fix this your page will immediately be better.

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It is most definitely odd. Responsiveness has thus far been my weak point (extremely weak obviously) so currently researching information on that haha. Looking for any and all suggestions to resources :smiley:

Much appreciated! Thank you for your time! I will try that for sure! :smiley:

There are a lot of interesting reads if you search the web for “mobile first vs responsive”. Try building something for the small screen first and see how it looks as screen size grows.

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Thank you so much! I will try that on my next one!

Fixed! Thank you so much!