Feedback Appreciated! Tribute: Conor McGregor

I just finished my tribute page project - This is the first thing I’ve ever created so feedback on my overall code and formatting would be much appreciated.
I had a few issues:
1.) I notice that when adjusting the size of the code input boxes, the elements in my project become very misaligned and overlap. Is there something I messed up?
2.) My image at the top I would have liked to take up the whole screen instead of having to place a boarder - my goal was to only make the margins on the left and right black but ended up putting a boarder around the entire page.

Thanks for viewing!!


You got many issues with your display on your page. Look html code as a DOM hierarchy. Div are mostly patents. E.g If you apply float: left; in css on one particular div. All his children (elements nested inside) will do the same.
Just review your html will improve for sure. Your blockquote element does not display correctly. See this documentation too.