Feedback Build a Technical Documentation Page

What do you think of the Build a Technical Documentation Page? :smiley: Thank you.

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Hello @VaneSuky89

First of all, I’m sure you forgot a '{'after the for declaration here:

for(i = 0; i < 10; i++)
                    printf("%d%d%d\n", i, power(2,i), power(-3, i));
                    return 0;

I’ve notice this because when decreasing the container size, that line of code breaks the container that’s on (check size at 550px).

Other than that I’d have a max width to the paragraph, it’s difficult to read long lines of text, something like this:

Also capitalize the “programming language C”, it’s a title :wink:

Looks single and to the point, I’d move one to the next assignment

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Hi @alexiorodrigues

Honestly I had overlooked it. Fixed up. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Vanesuky89,

It’s a good one though my problem is with the typography. The font family you chose for the page in my opinion wasn’t appropriate with the content. It’s appears like a stylish web page yet it’s for reading… Sans family or Georgia would have been better. Just an opinion… Otherwise great work



Made a small change for your opinion, as you like the font-family: Roboto.

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

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Very readable now compared to the previous one… :handshake:

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  1. The <a> element cannot be a child of the <ul> element.

  2. The <li> element cannot be a child of the <article> element.

I know the example project does it but it is not valid HTML. Just so you know. I actually fixed the project some time ago I just don’t know when it will be updated.

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Thank you very much for the comment. I’ll keep it in mind, I just did what the exercise told me to pass the test. You could upload a pull request solving this, sure they would appreciate it.

I already fixed it, I just don’t know when the project will be updated.

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Thank you!
As soon as the fix is updated.
A greeting.