Feedback/Critique greatly appreciated - Tea Survey Form

Hello everyone.

I recently finished my survey form project and would love any feedback you could offer. I struggled quite a bit to get it responsive and to get everything lined up.

I would love any suggestions or critique of the code - other ways of achieving this design or more efficient “best practices”.

Thanks in advance!

It is very nice, but i suggest putting the circle before the text:

It also isn’t responsive. Use media querys to change the width of your survey on smaller screens:

Currently it stops at 400 px. That is above most phones.


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Helpful tools–>

Thank you so much for your input. I’ll work on that and reply back when I’m done.

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You could also add nice little finishing touches, such as adding a clickable button effect by creating a CSS rule #submit:active and assigning it a position of relative, top: 3px. I always think it’s a nice touch with buttons. Maybe add an image too for visual purposes? You could use it as a background-image perhaps in the title.