Feedback for a Freecodecamp survey form

This is really nice. Great job. Just a few things to point out:

  • The textarea needs a label as well. So change the p above it to a label and then use the for attribute to associate it with the textarea.

  • Best practice is to wrap the main content of the page in a main element. So put a main around the form.

  • When you narrow the browser in all the way there is still a lot of side margin on the form which causes the text to be in a very narrow column. I would fix this. When the browser is very narrow the text should take up as much horizontal space as possible to give it more room to breath. You could use a media query to do this, but I don’t think it is necessary. Instead, allow the form to take up as much horizontal space as it can (which it will do by default) and then put a max-width on it so it doesn’t get too big. I would recommend you use rem units for the max-width. And do the same thing with the header. You can add just a bit of side padding to the body to keep the content from touching the edges of the view port at narrow widths.