Feedback for an extra Project

I redone this page using only plain Html, Css and Javascript (no libraries), but there are some minor differences.
I really learned a lot from this project and I had fun :hugs:
I tested only on Firefox, Chrome and Edge, but on internet explorer doesn’t work :expressionless: so if there are other problem let me know (or some encouraging comment would be great) thanks.

my project page

Looks pretty good, but all of the image links are broken (403 Fobidden error in the console). I would look into fixing the links somehow before including this project in your portfolio.

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yes I just reused the images from the original page probably I should use some different images from some free source, Thank you for your suggestion.

No problem, you can actually store image files in GitHub too so you can download them and then stick them your public folder or whatever.

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thanks very useful advice I’ll probably do so

Beautiful look and feel. Though products images die out on smaller screens. Wish you increased their width coverage on lower view ports

I would suggest sticking the header to the top of your page, and have it move with teh user

position: absolute;

yes probably it was a bad choice I’ll try something different in the next project, Thank you for your suggestion.

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I don’t really want to break the original design of the page so I only did some minor change.
it was just a learning project the design isn’t mine, but thanks it was I good idea.

no point in a navigation bar if i can only access it on one page.

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good point I made the change it’s definitely better now, thanks :grinning:

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