Feedback for JavaScript Calculator Project

Link to project at:

Hi @Aman-Grewal!

I made a simple test with your calculator… e.g. if I press 9, then CE and then 7… I got 97!

But nice work! I didn’t add this CE button to mine… neither the LCD display’s second line… I will try add this latter!

Thanks for the feedback.
Can u please let me know What exactly is the test case, because i tried the same 9CE7 it shows 7 only, and then if i proceed to any operation - etc its taking 7 as operand.

Hi… Now it’s ok! Did you changed something after post the link here?

As I said, the test case was simple… I only pressed 9 then CE and then 7… and I got 97 on the “LCD”…

:slightly_smiling_face: Happy to hear that.
I didn’t change anything after posting the link. Thanks again for testing.