Feedback for JavaScript Full-Stack URL Shortener

Hey guys!

So I’ve been moseying my way through the backend/full-stack projects and just finished this one:

Lurl (project on Heroku)

Let me know what you think of the UI/UX and functionality :grin:

Here’s the GitHub if anyone is curious: Project on GitHub

Good job, seems to work. The copy button didn’t work for me on my iPhone though, I couldn’t see the end of the url unless I turned to landscape, and I couldn’t select the whole url to copy. But I think the point of the exercise is the backend stuff, so, again, that seemed to work - success!

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Cool project! I like seeing different implementations of URL shorteners. I see that your backend is written in express - what are you using to store your redirects?

Also - I did not know you can use async/await in the browser without having to transpile with something like babel/webpack. Does that only work in Chrome?

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Thanks for letting me know about that. I tested it on the iPhones in the Google console emulator, but perhaps they patched something to make it work there :thinking: I’ll look into it!

Edit: I’ve updated the system so that it’s an editable field - this way users who can’t get the button to work will be able to easily copy and paste natively.

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I’m using NeDB for storage - It’s really well written and pretty lightweight!

I think async/await comes packaged with Nodejs since version 7.6 (I might be mistaken, but it’s been with us for a little while). Since the app runs on Node 10.X.X, we get to live the good life :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking the time to look at it!