Feedback for my 8 bit Weather app

Hey guys!

I just finished the weather app with React and would love some feedback on the UI?
I decided to make it retro 8 bit style to make it look a little unique :slight_smile:

The code will need some cleaning up but Iโ€™m just happy I could get it working with React :slight_smile:

Hello there!

I really like the design. :slight_smile: The only comments from me are:

  • Temperatures are not rounded correctly because you are using Math.floor(). You could consider using Math.round()
  • Having an icon or background that reflects that current local weather is user storyโ€”I think you may want to implement that

Good luck!

Good spotting! I threw this together over an hour or 2 so it was rather hasty. I will add the icons when I can find some suitable 8 bit icons :smile: