Feedback for My Def Leppard Tribute Page

Hi! I finished my Tribute Page a while ago not knowing that submitting it to the Responsive Web Design Projects does not go anywhere and no one sees it. Not sure why this is set up like this as is very misleading. I have been waiting for feedback.
Here is my Tribute to my favorite band Def Leppard. I actually did two Tribute Pages thinking there was a problem. So I have two to submit for feedback. I will be submitting my Landing Page, Survey Form, and Personal Portfolio soon after.

Link: (Def Leppard Tribute)
Link: (Cats)

Thank you for giving my projects your time!

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You have a good amount of content… more than I put in my tribute page lol, so that’s good. The only things I see at the moment that are a problem is the main picture and title with how they behave when shrinking the screen down, and the “Def Leppard” and “Former Members” sections crossing over one another.

Whats with the massive gap here?

Try moving everything to the center more.

I would suggest just using flex box to flex the image and timeline into a column on smaller screens.

Their is too much margin on smaller scenes

use media query’s to test for smaller screens (min-width) -->

I hope you don’t talk to people like this all the time. I have thick skin and still found it rude. Not sure what device your looking on but ON mine and others no one is seeing it. There is ways of helping others and being constructive with criticism and you my friend need to learn how to be nice

I actually talk to everyone like this because FCC is for learning. You want as much criticism as possible so you can learn how to make good working webpages in the real world. This webpage is costing you nothing and only gaining you learning experience, so why do you care that i point out its imperfections? It can only help?

You can check my recent activity and see i do a lot on project feedback. I bring up every small thing in attempt make their webpage better, and it does help.

I used developer tools to test for responsiveness. You are open to use screenfly to test your webpage.

My tip: learn Flex Box. It is so easy and it can make anything look great.

Well saying and I quote “what’s with the massive gap here” is not a constructive way of critiquing. Especially being the very first thing you said to me. It is offensive and off putting. If you talk to everyone like this in a forum makes me wonder how many people have up and left your website. I know it’s free but treat others with respect. I’m a lot older than you are obviously and do not get the point I’m tying to make. You didn’t even attempt to make some kind of apology or anything to make me want to stay with FreeCode Camp.

I treat others with respect but welcome to the real world.

I can tell you are older then me because you listen to a rock band that originated in 1977. I am also only a freshman in high school here (14), so mostly everyone on this website is older then me.


“how many people have up and left your website”

Well you just proved my point that you are disprectful and rude. I’m betting you talk to your parents the same way. Wait until you get out of your alternative world and into the real world. Good luck getting a job and gaining any respect. I will make sure you are done with FreeCodeCamp. You nothing but a little bully and a punk.

And I’m not not sure what you decided to broadcast this and my work but this all has been reported

This thread has become a disagreement on what constitutes respect instead of focusing on giving and receiving feedback about @almonty67’s project, so I am going to close and unlist it, because it is not helpful anymore.

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