Feedback for my first created Codewars Kata

I’ve applied for the Founders & Coders bootcamp in london.
One of the pre-requisites for getting in is to have created your own kata on codewars.
If anyone feels like having a go at it and giving me some feedback (good or bad), so that I can improve it that would be great.

It takes inspiration from my mothers ability to mix up words constantly often coming up with pretty funny spoonerisms like “keep your room tight and needy” instead of “neat and tidy” :laughing:.

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Sure I’ll give it a go and get back to you. Love the concept btw!

Crashed twice in a row for me: Firefox 59.0.2 on Win 8.1

:skull: Well that took me a day and a half and I’m pretty sure my solution (I’m danachew btw) is convoluted as hell BUT…that was really fun to solve @SleepySheepy172! I’m not high enough in honor to suggest a rank but I’d say at least for me that was easily a 7 or 6 kyu.

I think the hardest part was trying to differentiate between two consonants followed by a vowel vs one consonant followed by a vowel on any of the words at any point in time. That really wracked my brain :smile:

wow, mine was SO long … so many cleaner neat solutions :frowning:

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Right? It blows my mind how condensed some of those solutions are.