Feedback for my #LocalWeatherApp

Hey there!
Check out my #LocalWeatherApp and leave some feedback with a positive or a negative comment if you didn’t like it.

  • I fulfilled all the user stories that I was told and I added some extra things to it.
  • At first, I didn’t use the images that I was given by the API, but some other that I found and liked on the internet.
  • The background color changes according to the temperature in your city.
  • I put a link where you can access, I wanted to connect it to the user location, so the link would be different for every each of you, but I didn’t find a way of doing so :frowning:
  • I used media queries, so the page would be different on smaller devices.
    Anyways, it is about the same of what I thought it would be!

Here is my page link

Its working for me. It shows the right location and temp. I would just use Math.round() function to display the temp as integer like:

y.innerHTML = Math.round(degrees);


var fahrenheit = Math.round(degrees*9/5+32);

I was thinking of doing so but then I totally forgot it! :sweat_smile: