Feedback for my portfolio is welcome

I have been working on it and even got to redesign it, but given that I am not a master a design yet, I will appreciate honest constructive feedback. Feel free to raise issues here or the repo

The link to the portfolio is

I also made a tool to generate it which is what I use to work on it, you all are welcome to use it and work on your own or new pages.


Looks pretty good.

The icons under “tools of the trade” are all the same blue color.
I get lost looking at it and can’t immediately identify the logos.
So I would try to keep the logos in their original color.

And maybe make the project types titles stand out more somehow.
They get lost between the pictures of the projects.

Thanks for the feedback @zcassini

As for the tools icons, I used the two shades of blue that i was using as they have no color by default.
They will take on the main and secondary colors used for the site. I tried to use the tooltips to help identify them but i guess while that could help people that are not that familiar with them, others would use the original colors to identify them.

Where you able to see the descriptions on the projects? Recently I was told that it was not obvious so I tried changing the icon from the default menu to something that would indicate there is more content.

I didn’t even notice there being a menu item there. I didn’t notice the nav bar at the top of the page either.
I just instinctively clicked the different projects assuming they would have some kind of action that might tell me more.

I don’t know how much I like the descriptions being in that small of an area not that I don’t appreciate the coolness of it folding out and in. I don’t hate it but I’m not fond of it either.

I did notice the tool tips for the logos, but I would still try to hunt down color versions if you can at some point.

Thank you, I was checking on that, it’s easier for the creator to know all the features of a site, but it is the user the one with the final say.