FeedBack for my portfolio page project

Hello all,

I am looking for feedback on my portfolio page. I know there are still a few issues with the contact form on smaller screen sizes, I am planning on fixing that when there is more to look at haha.

Other than that, be brutal. I don’t really know what to look for other than the UX that was given for the project so anything, even if it may seem super small or insignificant to you will be greatly appreciated.


Portfolio Project

Thanks for whoever just filled out the form because I totally forgot to confirm my email with formspree. So if you want to resubmit the form, that would be cool because I didn’t get to see it the first time.

Thanks again everyone!

Hi Anthony.
Really nice page!
I really like that the background color of the navbar always highlights
the part of the portfolio you are in right now.
Tried to click on the icons at the bottom, but no links at all.
You have to update this I guess :slight_smile:
Keep on going!
greetings Andy

Thanks Andy!

Yeah, I hadn’t quite gotten around to adding those links, but I feel like that will be an easy thing to add once I have more projects up in my portfolio section.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Nice work!
I have couple of suggestions though:

  1. on your navigation manu remove underline from links, if you don’t know how to do it just add text-decoration: none; to your anchor class.
  2. I see you are using your tribute page screenshot as a placeholder for future projects, it would look way better if instead of screenshots you put better clipped photo which doesn’t shows scroll bar for example. snipping tool is pretty good one for this if you’re on windows.
  3. CrazySession already suggested to add links for icons at the bottom of the page and as you said its easy to do but easier to forget so do it when you have time.

Again good work though keep going!


Thanks for the feedback, will definitely be changing those things!