Feedback for my Portfolio page?

Hi guys, I am very new to coding, and am just starting. I just finished my portfolio page with a lot of help from google, which I imagine makes my code very redundant and bad at times. I would love to get some feedback from people who know more than me (everyone). Thanks!
Portfolio Page

edit: literally right after posting this, I noticed extends itself to the right, and I don’t know why… If anyone could help with that also, it’d be awesome.

The shift to the right is caused by the extremely large fixed left and right margins. If you comment out all the margin-left and margin-right and replace with margin: 0 auto; at the top of each css selector definition, you should see the horizontal scrollbar disappear. You will then need to center some things.

I also think you should make your li elements have the same kind of margin I describe above.

Try this and let us know if you have any specific questions of how to do anything else.

I commented out all of the margins and figured out where the issue was, thank you!