Feedback for my portfolio site?

Hi guys, I just finished up around 70% of my portfolio site and was wondering if I could have any and all feedback you guys might have on it?

I created it with React and I’m still working on making it responsive for different screen sizes (perhaps someone could help me with that - shoot me a PM), and the “Projects” section you can ignore for now since I will update those when I have finished those up.


Many thanks in advance guys, looking forward to reading your responses!

Nice job! It’s very clean. Here are my nitpicks.

I think the sizing of things needs to be adjusted. Things are very big. For example:
When you click on Projects, it goes to the projects section. There is a lot of whitespace above the heading “Projects” and you can only see the top bit of the actual project boxes. They are way too big I think. On my laptop, I can’t even see the whole picture and the text below them without scrolling. It would be nice to be able to see at least some of the projects at one glance. (But maybe this is a problem you will solve once you make the page responsive.)

Also the big “About”, which is so much bigger than the text that came before, seems strange to me. Maybe it is because it is too close to “from England”.