Feedback for my portfolio, thanks a lot

I just finished my portfolio challenge on FCC,but it still needs a lot of work. I am a fresh graduates and I wanna became a web developer . I`m a new hand and it is difficult for me to hunt a satisfying job but I really ike doing this .So any feedback or suggestion would be great.

Here`s the link:
Thanks !

Well done!

That’s a great start. Some feedback from me: when you switch into a mobile size screen, your containers aren’t centred - they’re aligned to the left. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being bold but be careful with the colours you use because that affects the user experience. e.g. I found it hard to look at the send button. That’s just me personally.

I hope that helps!
Keep up the goof job and good luck!



Overall, I think you did a great job showing off the skills that you know. You have a hover effect on your icon links, and I think you did a good job on image choices - your profile picture and your “made with” pictures are very nice. I love the box-shadows that you used, especially with the navigation bar.

I few things that irk me that you might want to update to get some practice -

  • There are margin issues with your project which don’t make some of your elements completely center. Some examples are the links in the navigation bar and your profile picture in the header.
  • Your canvas element that underlines all the h2s aren’t centered. Neither are the images in your portfolio.
  • The Send button isn’t aligned properly with the form.
  • You have some empty space on the side of your project, so there is a horizontal scroll. You should try to clean that up.

This project is to practice HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, so nailing alignments and positioning are super important for future projects.

My final piece of advice is showing off a little too much. The effect you have on your logo is nice, but it kind of screams “unprofessional” to me. It reminds me of 90s web animation. You could easily show that off in a future project, and when it’s linked in your portfolio, the recruiter will know that you have the skills.

The same goes with the “back-to-top” button and a fixed navigation bar. Having both is unnecessary since both gives ways to have easy access to the navigation. Choose one, and use the other in a future project.

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thank you very much, your feedback really helpful for me. I use my favourite colors to styled the page but I just forgot the user experience , my fault ha, so I chang the send color and the margin issues. Please give me further feedback if there anything wrong on the page.
thanks !

thanks for your feedback, this is really big help for my H5 and css learnig. So I just practice it and almost solved these problems ,but there still some issues bother me: like the cavas, I found it really hard to draw a responsive canvas, I used all kind of responsive width and height in the js for the canvas but it still goes wrong when I resize the browser so finally I just use a simple

instead of the canvas; The other problem is the Jquerys $.scrollTo method ,it playing really good in the Chrome and Opera but not working in the Firefox ,I think it is the Firefoxs bug or compatibility issues; and I wanted to use the felxbox to fix the profile picture to vertical centerd but it is not working good in the bootstrap container ,I dont know why,is there have any confliction between felxbox and bootstrap ? I searched these problems in the Internet but I cant fount a right anwser, I am new and I realized there still have a lot to lrean, if you have any clue for these problems above or about the page I recently updated ,just give me some feedback ,thank you so much !(ps:my first language is not English and I am still learning English so please don`t mind if my writing have any grammar or spelling mistakes : )

Wonderful start!

minor text edit: suggest you change
"Front-End Developer , In the learning stage; A fresh graduates at 2018,and just job-hunting"
"Front-End Developer, In the learning stage; Graduating in 2018 and just job-hunting"
and below, change:
"Web Developer - Fresh Graduates - Job Hunting"
“Web Developer - New Graduate - Job Hunting”

Good luck!

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Well that $.scrollTo issue seems odd. I may have found a solution that you should test. Instead of using the .click method, try the .on('click', function() {...}) method.

As for the canvas, I don’t really have a lot of experience using the element. The placeholder is nice, but I did like the dividers you used with canvas. You could try changing the width of the canvas element with CSS, or you could grab the innerWidth on resize, although I’m not sure if that would help you out.

My english also in the learning stage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks for correcting :handshake: