Feedback for my Portfolio website?

Hello, I’m a relatively new FCC member, I decided to build a portfolio website to showcase my future projects, for now it’s empty, (although the site itself is technically my first project) it really forced me to apply knowledge that I gained by completing the Responsive Website Design Course.
I’d love to hear what you think of it, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions ! (the contact form doesn’t work and the projects page is empty for now)

I like the design idea, it’s simple but it looks good. It’s still a little empty though so let us know when you add some more content like the project section.

  1. It might be nice if the sections scrolled into view.

  2. I would consider switching the nav to be horizontal above the content on small screens so it doesn’t take up the horizontal space the content needs. Or just move it up and use a mobile nav where you combine them under one icon and then it opens up when clicked.

  3. The form might need a little more love. The label alignment seems a little off/inconsistent. Add some padding and set resize: vertical on the textarea, give the button cursor: pointer and maybe a hover effect. I’d also change text (value) to something like “Send”, instead of “Submit”. See if you can make the input focus outlines a little nicer.

Good job, keep it up.

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