Feedback for my resume for Junior Front End Developer jobs as a fresher?

I am a recent graduate and expect feedback from you all. I am applying for my first job in the US job roles. And I read many more articles related to how to curate your resume for the first job. So, I followed some good articles well.

Can anyone suggest me?


thank you.

PS: If you noticed that why I post my portfolio link to code then I am new here to post this question and I tried many times to post it as link but it says me “An error occurred.” that’s why I did it to code. sorry for that

I noticed the loading time for your portfolio is a bit long, I refreshed it multiple times but each time it took around 8 ~ 10 seconds to load.

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Hi @OwenZhang, Thank you so much for your response!

Then how much the loading time should be?

Can you please acknowledge me?
what is your opinion?

Thank you.

Hi, can you please check it out once again if everything is well working with the portfolio?

I made some changes to it…

Thank you.


I ran a network test and it looks like the images delivered by pngtree are the bottleneck. They are queuing for almost two seconds before they finish downloading.

The average download time is about 4 seconds for your website on my fast network. They will be slower on mobile. Hosting the images yourself could cut the loading time at least in half.

4 seconds, not a big problem unless you want to present a top performing site to future employers. Slow loading speeds cost money in commercial apps, the bounce rates are already high for anything that needs more than 2-3 seconds for the first load on a phone.

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Hi @DanielHuebschmann , Thank you so much for your response!
I appreciate your help and suggestions.

Actually, For now, I’m focusing on applying front end intern or developer jobs. and the I created my portfolio in 2022, so wasn’t too much set value to it I mean I created it for getting job atleast.

And really thanks for your valuable information.
yes, well now everything is advanced.

So, can you please tell the overview of it + resume I have included?

I’d be happy to hear from you:)

Thank you.

I’m better at optimizing loading speeds than at evaluating resumes. We have people more qualified that are from your target market North America (I’m from Europe) in the forum.

You can improve the feedback by uploading the resume itself without the need to visit your site. Might be worth opening a new topic so people don’t have to scroll down.

Your resume is good as a fresher.