Feedback for my Resume

I got myself into programming a couple of years ago. I fiddle with various technologies and have a decent amount of experience with certain tools. I tried freelancing but It wasn’t feasible so I started to look out for software jobs in Sri Lanka. I applied for about 20+ companies and got a part time job at a start-up But I know I have to get a steady job at some company so could you please give some feedback on my resume

I haven’t created a portfolio website or linkedin profile yet. Is it necessary though?

First of all, you should be able to put everything on one page. Your name, email, and phone could be all on the same line in the header.

You need to be more specific about each project (maybe only highlight your best ones).

Statements like the following to not tell the reader about the skillset needed for the project:

Modified a CRM for a repair-centre with SuiteCRM

Put links to the live working projects. Don’t make the reader have to fish through your GitHub repo. It is fine to list your repo, but the projects listed should have links to the project on GitHub.

I would not have a separate section for the ADDITIONAL SKILLS AND PROFICIENCES. Instead, I would make sure to list any relevant skills used in the applicable projects.

Lastly, I would also get rid of the entire PERSONAL INTERESTS section.

Thank You for the review. How many projects should i include in my resume and should I host host the projects on a hosting service or should I include screenshots in my resume. And on what technologies should I focus on more?

There would not be enough room on your resume. I definitely suggest hosting the projects (along with your portfolio) somewhere. For front-end project projects, you can actually use GitHub pages (free) or Netlify (also free).

I’ve hired people at my job for Jr. Front End Developer positions. Here’s my feedback:

One page only. I’m scanning this and looking for keywords that stand out first (some people apply with no coding skills what so ever so I want to sort them out first). Your cover letter can be a separate document.

Format your phone number to be easily read. (123) 456 7890. That way I can call you.

Re-format your skills to read like a list of keywords not full sentences.
Skills: A, B, C, D.
Avoid: I’m skilled in A, I can do B, I’ve also done C, I really like D.

This is where your skill keyword list is demonstrated, let me verify you can work with those skills. I want to see your portfolio and GitHub so I can see your work. I’m trying to assess if you can do the job or not.

Linkdln is optional
I personally like to see Linkdln profiles because it shows to me that you’re interested in industry news. Doesn’t affect whether you can do the job or not but it’s good.

Projects History
I would order it from most challenging to least challenging, and maybe bold keywords like Angular, PHP, MySQL. If it were work experience I would include dates but this is not the case here.

Make it Look High Quality
This was my biggest mistake when I first was applying to jobs. I took my resume in rolled up with a rubber band wrapped around it. I used the basic the google docs template. Which is fine but it’s also basic and doesn’t make you stand out.

I haven’t came across anyone who has done this yet but I will do it for my next job.

  1. Find a well designed professional sleek letterhead. When I submit my resume. I want the reader to look at like it’s worth $100. Like it comes from someone who is sucessful and can bring success to their company. Not fancy like a Rolls Royce but modern, simple, and well made like a BMW interior.
  2. Bring at least 2 copies of your resume to your interview printed on thick paper. Heavier items have a higher percieved value. Think of a thick business card.

Overall remember the purpose of your resume. At a glance, I should be able to make a quick judgement about the skills, experience, and conscientiousness you possess. Are you sloppy and half ass your work? Or are you organized and methodical?

Of course a simple letter doesn’t acutally reflect those things. But I do beleive you can hack your resume in such a way to give off positive perceptions to the reader’s quick thinking snap judgments that go on in the background of their mind. Giving you the highest odds of success.