Feedback for my solution Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Wherefore art thou

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is this a good way to solve this alogorithm that way ??

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function whatIsInAName(collection, source) {

for(let i =0; i < Object.keys(source).length;i++){
collection = collection.filter(item => item[Object.keys(source)[i]] == Object.values(source)[i]);

return collection; 

whatIsInAName([{ "apple": 1, "bat": 2 }, { "apple": 1 }, { "apple": 1, "bat": 2, "cookie": 2 }, { "bat":2 }], { "apple": 1, "bat": 2 }) 
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Challenge: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Wherefore art thou

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Your solution is indeed working and looks good enough to me.

It looks better than my original solution for this, I can tell you that much.

Feel free to go to the guide page and compare your solution and their - that should give you more thoughts.

And, you can format your code a little bit for readability, maybe.

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