Feedback for my Survey Form - Feedback Welcome


That is cool! Good work.

Aesthetically I like your choice of background. I also like your use of the semi-transparent shade to define your form area so the background still shows through. Lots of color, lots of fun for a fun topic all very in context of subjectmater.

Something you might want to consider but not a deal-breaker. Exclusive use of that font is kind of hard on the eyes especially on smaller screen sizes. For some reason blues make that worse (learned that from a sign maker - backlit blue letters are hard to read at night - can’t remember why tho). For sure I would keep it in the title and maybe consider finding a playful but less curvy font for the form labels.

At smartphone screen sizes your form got a bit skinny. (see below before and after) The simplest fix for that I could see would be to put a style of min-width:320px; (or 320-ish) on that .container div. Since the side margins on that div are set to auto they’ll shrink as needed.

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Thanks for the advice. I agree the font is a little hard to read. Also, good point with the form getting to skinny for smart phone users. I’ll be sure to make some changes.