Feedback for my technical documentaion page code

Hello Forum, I am very new to coding and I would love some feed back and improvement advise for my code. I fee like my code is to complicated and unorganised

Also I have a few generall and one specifice question. I hope I can ask them here.

First the specific one:
One requirement of the project is to have a fixed navbar with the ID “navbar” on the nav element. What I did, I gave my

    a class #navbar-container and set the position to fixed in that class. Because this wasnt accepted to pass the test, I had to add the position: fixed; to the ID #navbar. This messed everthing up in my media query when the browser was only 1100px wide. I found a solution to fix it, but I cannot understand it.
    In my media query, I copied the attributes of my navbar-container class to the #navbar, it seemed logic to do that, since I started using the fixed position on the #navbar. It positioned the navbar how I wanted, but the width of the nav elements was changed and when I commented out the media query specification of the navbar-container class everything was messed up again even though I gave the #navbar the same attributes.
    An explanation would be deeply appreciated.

    That brings me to my next question. How much time should I spend understanding stuff in total if I already have a solution that works? Do junior developers always understand what they do?

    Cheers and thx in advance

Understanding is how one progresses. I feel like I’m javascript learning impaired. I see the patterns to do things and can stick to just that and make something. If I need to modify or fix someone else’s code I can’t because I don’t understand. It’s necessary to read outside of FCC to understand CSS. Some understanding comes from building/solving things.

Many people are having problems withe the Technical Documentation Project. I would suggest that one start over and give the body to children first nav then main give them height and width and separate background-colors then put them side-by-side before satisfying the other requirements. I find this easier then spending hours trying to unravel the conflicting CSS rules when one is new.

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Thank you for your answer! I will definitely do that. Is that my nav element starts within my main element what could cause problems?

Yeah, they need to be siblings not parent-child.

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