Feedback for my tribute page - KH

Here is the link!

It is all responsive but would like to see if I can:

Add some styling to

  • make the blockquote at the bottom stand out
  • have the h1 and h2 be on the same line

Also will add some animations

Let me know what you think!

Since you have a minimum of text you need to style it better.
With 1/2 of the sentence next to the picture and the rest below the picture is wonky.

Nice choice of subject - and well done on the round photo!

However, I do agree that the text is not placed in a very good way. Are you new to coding? If yes, I would probably just start doing the tribute page without the responsive part and then go back and adjust it later as you learn more.

Good luck!

Thanks @silgarth and @MetteMM ! I am VERY new to coding to this is very helpful :slight_smile: Made some updates and going to get on with the next lessons