Feedback for my Tribute Page project

Could I have some feedback for my tribute page please?

It’s a bit rushed, as I’ve had some stuff going on in my personal life, but I’d love to know of any mistakes in my code and any general design feedback too.


looks certainly than my :slight_smile:


Same here.Lol
I Love that it looks good on diff sizes screens.
Add a description to it.

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I respect that you did research for it when I was creating it to pass it I just wrote something random

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That was the hardest part. I felt like I was back at school and doing a history project.

I like the look of it. I’ll echo Starstruck, it needed a little description.

If I have to nitpick, I don’t really like the green border and white background of the picture. Feels out of place in otherwise minimalist color palette.

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