Feedback for my "Tribute Page to Platone"

Hi all, I’ve finished my tribute page and I really appreciate any feedback from this great community. Thanks.

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It seems like you have a row of social media icons along the bottom, but it seems like the icons aren’t aligning properly in their containers.

Other than that, it looks fine!

Thank you for your valuable feedback. May I ask to you, which browser are you using?

Latest Safari. If you don’t have access to it, let me know when you’ve made some changes and I’ll take another look.

I’m sorry for my late response, I’m very appreciating your disponibility for solving this issue.
There is this issue because I’m using the “vw” unit as default for almost all elements and attributes, sometime “Safari” doesn’t like it.

I’ll keep you updated.

You should add more content. Your content seems a little hard to read. You add more space between your text.
And your website is not responsive.

Thank you for your feedback, I will update my page with your suggestions.

I’ve made some updates, I’ll be very appreciate if you can find some time to have a look on my page.

Thank you.

Huge improvements overall! Very nice! A couple of notes:

  • Take a look at removing margin/padding from your container when in mobile sizes. The text gets absurdly narrow. Should be easy since you already have the media queries set up.

  • When using CodePen, you don’t need the or tags in your markup. CodePen has an interface for you to put all that stuff in. Just click the little gear in the upper left corner:

    Put all of your CSS in the CSS section, and your scripts in the JS section.

Thank you so much, I very appreciate your valuable suggestions.
Now looks better.