Feedback for my tribute page Voyager Project

Hi everyone!

I would like to have some feedback for my tribute page.
Thank you all!

My tribute page.

Hi, RMdS, I like the color combination…- But became unresponsive at, like, < 400px. Maybe you could tweak a few things.
All in all, it looks nice.


You’ve made a nice page. Good background and I love the voyager in the footer that moves from left to right.
There are a few issues though:

  1. You are frequently using the b-tag. This tag makes a tag bold and adds no extra meaning. If you replace it by the strong tag or by some h tag you add meaning. strong adds importance to the text and an h tag creates a heading which I believe is most appropriate here.
  2. You are using the mark tag for all your text. All of it. The mark tag is for text that should be highlighted and highlighted text is text that attracts attention. So you use that for bits of text here and there. Not for all of it. It would simply use a nice font but not the mark tag.
  3. Your page is responsive and that’s good but your font-size does not decrease and on a phone you see these huge letters. You could deal with that using em or rem or simply decreasing the pixel size of the fonts.

I like the fonts that you’ve chosen, the colors and the shadows. It’s a good page with a few issues that are not too hard to resolve.


Thank you! I’m going make those changes!

Thank you!

  1. I’m going to make those changes!
  2. I have to say that the fact that I use the mark tag is to hack the background. I did that so that the white background stars don’t blend with the text, that is also white. I couldn’t find any other way to achieve the desired design and style choices. But I totally understand what you mean.
  3. I still have trouble finding a way to please every display…I’m going to study the CSS @media rule. I’m going to take all these points into account.

Thank’s a lot for your feedback!


Right, I get it now. Didn’t think of that background. What if you put each bit of text inside a span, give that span a background-color of black and then you turn the mark tags into p tags so that each p tag encloses a span?

Ems, and rems I still struggle with them. They are relative fonts. So, if you decrease the font-size of the body inside a media-query, everything with em or rem decreases with it. Ems are not easy, rems are and they’ve been around for some time now.


Thank you for these ideas! I’m going to put them on practice today!

Just made all the modifications, last version in here.

GitHub Webpage


Thank you to all who gave me advices!